RAGBRAI LI July 20 -27, 2024

Reply To: Saturday the 30th in Lansing

Joseph Schlau, May 5, 2022 at 5:35 am

I will be staying over in a campground in Lansing. They have a 2 night minimum which is fine. The time there will allow for a fresh start back home across Wisconsin, then home.

But there is also a practical medical consideration. It will be 3 days post Ragbrai before I meet up with family, one is immune compromised. The three days will give me a chance to monitor my health, self test, and help insure I am not inadvertently passing Covid to a family member.

When you look at the number of riders, vendors, residents times seven days of variable situations, it is, for my situation, the best plan for me.

After RAGBRAI 2021, there was at least one posting from someone testing positive after returning home. This post did get me thinking about management practices for this year. My biking adventure should not risk family health.

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