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Reply To: Halfday rider needs rides to host towns

Joseph Schlau, May 11, 2022 at 8:26 am

David, I touched on the logistics of parking and finding the car. Another important consideration is the commitment and reliability of those driving your car. Some insurance companies have restrictions on age and zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.

Lining up your driver or drivers ahead of time helps too. While you will have no problem splitting the ride on day 3 when the mileage is 105, you may lack volunteers on a nice short day when the weather is ideal.

Another is reliability. One day we parked the car at a site away from the post office. Text and voice was working, but our designated driver from our team did not answer for an hour. She claimed she overshot the town by mistake. We later learned she met some folks in a bar and soon forgot her commitment to pick up the car in favor of drinking. In hindsight, it was probably best she didn’t drive that day.

Now I had no arrangements ahead of time since my late arrival was due to a family medical emergency. If I had been unable to find a driver, I was planning to drive to the next overnight town and ride some distance back until oncoming bike traffic became too heavy or I went far enough that day.

Hope it works out for you.

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