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Reply To: Halfday rider needs rides to host towns

HelenP, May 11, 2022 at 2:52 pm

The easiest way to avoid “where is the car?” problems midday might be to skip the first part of the ride, instead of the second. Just go in the vehicle with the extra driver from the start, then get out at the meeting town and bike to the next camp. The vehicle should be easier to find at the overnight campsite, and if your driver is in a bar at that town, it’d be less of a problem.

That’d tend to skip the most hilly parts of the route, too (especially on Sunday & Monday), which would be easier on your body.

It’d also put the SAG wagons well *behind* you, so there would be less pressure to keep up with their schedule.

Better check before taking a registered support vehicle anywhere on the bike route except for the meeting town: it sounds like the Ragbrai vehicle pass / overnight parking privileges could be revoked.

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