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Reply To: Annual notice to e-bikers…

Joseph Schlau, May 16, 2022 at 4:41 am

So, JPC, you are back posting your stern warning to all e bikers, Behave.

You did not elaborate on what you were talking about, so for the benefit of new riders I’ve included your post from last June.

Behave yourselves. You are on an assisted bike, while the rest of us have to pedal ourselves. Don’t shout for us to move out of the way, just for you to full throttle past us.

And to add to that you followed up on your own post with additional coaching,

And stay on the right side of the road…

Randall Murphy responded to your post last year.

Wow….let’s just stir up some do-do. It seems to me that this year this forum has been quieter than most. We haven’t heard much from Princess Amanda or kurbsitting from Mitchrider but let’s not try to stir up a non-issue. In 2019 the e-bike debate was the most active thread that I’ve seen in years and after all of the anticipation it turned out to be nothing really. Why try to start it up again?

In January, when the topic briefly came up, Dalebob noted,

If you go back 3 years and two months in the forum archives you can find all the opinions imaginable on e-bike usage on RAGBRAI, and if you read far enough you will find them all repeated over and over. And over. When I started that thread I thought maybe folks had some feelings about it, and now here you are poking the bear again. Maybe by now the tide has changed and it will be a big nothing burger.

Both Randall, Dalebob as well as other riders agreed it is a big non issue. Yours is a solution desperately searching for a problem . . . . That does not exist.

It seems that only you and another contributor, Mootsman, are the only ones with your knickers in a knot over the issue.

Most other contributors simply respond that everyone, no matter what bike or riding style they use, should follows Ragbrai’s Ride Right program. You know, the rules of the road. Your direction to e bikes to stay to the right is clearly not in alignment with that if they are the faster bike.

Here is another interesting post also from last June, from you on the discussion of the 90 mile day 1 last year.

Can’t wait to see the huffers and puffers hoofin’ it on the climbs! 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

So here you are again, crying like the 5 emojis you left following your post, the one where you took perverse pleasure in hoping to see other riders struggling up a hill, and now you crying foul because someone with an e bike is able to pass you.

In the January discussion, Niles left the comment

I remember there were a couple souls severely psychologically wounded by e-bike. Wish them fully healed now, in one way or another.

Ride Right.

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