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Joseph Schlau, May 27, 2022 at 5:23 pm

Glenbo66, May 26, 2022 at 7:12 am
I love how people have nothing better to do than to play the troll card. Try and Be better.

Playing the troll card on the information superhighway seems to be a normal condition in public discourse. Sometimes though, the thoughts, opinions, and comments shared between an adult community on line spills over to real actions taken against real people.

When the topic of e-bikes briefly reappeared in January, I posted a link to an article in the DesMoines Register reported on this on July 30th in 2021. Makes for informative reading if you are preparing for 2022.

Now I’m not sure how many on the forum took the time to read the article, on e-bikes especially if you have no interest in them.

However, as you read down the article, you come to a section that reports on an incident involving a 14 year old e bike rider accompanied by his mother, but not the type of incident one would expect. No this 14 year old boy was not terrorizing the uphill riders, riding recklessly, or otherwise doing anything more than standing with his mom in Sac City.

The register article continued,

Of course, in a large community like RAGBRAI, not everyone is supportive.
In a widely distributed Facebook post this week, one mother criticized what she said was a RAGBRAI rider who called her terminally ill son, who was riding an e-bike, a “cheater.”

The mother’s Facebook post explains what happened

Torrie Jennings Griffin July 26

To the RAGBRAI cyclist in Sac City who greeted my 14-year-old son who just finished 89 miles on an e assist bike with a snarl and the words “Cheater:” Know that this amazing young man who once at 11 years-old rode up Pikes Peak on a Unicycle is now in a 3 year battle with an incurable brain cancer and he is twice the man you’ll ever be. He was there to support my ride on our summer vacation and this ride could be one of our last. And to everyone who thinks ebikes are bad, my son deserves to keep riding but can’t now due to left foot and leg weakness after 6 brain surgeries and 48 days of radiation. My 97 year old blind grandma also still rides thanks to a recumbent tandem with electric assist too. They both still get out there and pedal! If you love biking you should keep riding until there are no more excuses not to, whether you’re impaired in some way or just old, so please be nice to ebikers and just everyone in general, you don’t know what big life stuff they might be dealing with and it’s not cool to put your bad attitude others and shame my son’s accomplishment. He’s not feeling well and not able to ride today, but if he can again, and you see him out there, I hope the rest of you will say hi and cheer him on. Note: RAGBRAI organizers are very supportive of my son and the welcoming towns and locals we’ve met on the route have been amazing!!! I told Daniel about my RAGBRAI experience in ‘99 and he wanted to come see the state and meet the people himself.

So we don’t know who the RAGBRAI cyclist actually is. The person who put his thoughts about e-bikes into direct action toward an innocent 14 year old. I’m guessing they will not be anxious to own this one.

If it wasn’t any of our long term annual notice to e- bike posters, it was certainly someone who would be inspired by their words.

So maybe, just maybe, we can let this topic on special e-bike rules fade into the archives.

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