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Reply To: Gravel Day?

Jimbodog, June 6, 2022 at 5:44 am

I posted a few months ago about the Three Rivers Trail, mentioned in this thread above. I posted after Ragbrai announced the gravel day would be between Pocahantas and Emmetsburg. I am riding to St Anthony, IA from Emmetsburg on June 22nd this summer. I mentioned in my post that I will be taking a combo of gravel, pavement and trails. One of the trails will be the Three Rivers Trail. I will use pavement and gravel to Rolfe which is a pass-through town and ride 32 miles on the Three Rivers Trail to the end, outside of Eagle Grove. The only reason I posted was because I was curious about how close the Ragbrai gravel route would match mine. My planned route will only intersect once with the Ragbrai gravel route and use several miles of the Ragbrai pavement passing through Rodman on my way to Rolfe. My route is nowhere close to the Ragbrai route, nor should it be. I think the gravel route that day is sweet because it crosses the pave route several times and would give anyone who wanted a chance at trying a few gravel miles then hopping back on pavement. I agree with David above that if the trail was wet it would damage the surface, besides the wrong direction for Ragbrai purposes.

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