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Reply To: BaCoon Ride Accident“

Jason Kuehnhold, June 20, 2022 at 10:00 pm

This years route was counter-clockwise headed south east. There was a pretty good downhill approaching a bridge just before the county road. The guy got a little loose as he passed my and daughter. I barked up for her to slow down, looked down to check my speed and as I looked back up he was losing control. I’m pretty sure his front tire went off the left side of the trail, over corrected. At that point the bike came out from under him and speed and gravity did what they do best. We stopped and assessed. Rescue was called. At that pointed we decided that we could assist by going up route and warning people to slow down and ask if any of the riders were nurses or doctors. After a few minutes a nurse came by and did what she does best until rescue came.

There was another wreck just after Linden. We stopped at the intersection just as the rescue squad was getting on the trail.

It was an eye opening experience for sure!

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