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Reply To: COVID this year?

montestaples, August 13, 2022 at 6:04 pm

I started coughing and rhinitis (runny nose) on Tuesday of RAGBRAI. I thought it was my usual symptoms I always get when biking since I have a long history of asthma and chronic rhinitis. However I felt really good all week and never felt sick. When I got home I tested positive for covid so I called Urgent care. Since I felt fine and I was on day 6 they did not want to see me and would not order Paxlovid. I have never felt sick but I am still testing positive every 2-3 days . It is now day 18. Of course my wife got it and was sicker than me but not really that bad. She was put on Paxlovid and cleared the virus in 5 days. We both have been vaccinated and boosted which seems to have prevented anything more than mild symptoms. I am still not sure I had covid that whole time but I am really sorry for maybe being a super spreader during RAGBRAI.

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