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Reply To: Any hammock campers?

Barry Schnoor, January 2, 2023 at 5:17 pm

Kelly, I hammock-camped in 2018 and again in 2022. It’s the best, IMHO. A couple observations: Hammocks don’t offer a lot of privacy. I use a rain fly, which helps with that a little…but it’s still a challenge to get dressed in the hammock under the fly. Fortunately, I’m up early enough I can be, um, indelicate in the dark. I started using the fly for privacy in 2018 when curious cyclists would peek into my hammock while I was in it! (They deserved what they saw, that’s all I can say…dude this is my HOUSE for the week…)

You’ll have to be creative to find supports if there are no trees. I’ve used concrete bollards (near an electrical transformer), a couple baseball dugouts, under football bleachers, between a fence post and a light pole, and a cattle chute at a fairgrounds.

You don’t have to worry about finding level ground, or a spot without rocks or roots. Don’t have to have a ground cloth. Bicycle Bill, above, recommends nails. I don’t, but certainly recommend hammock straps. I’ve used both Bear Butt and Eno hammies with straps. The straps also provide some forgiveness for trees or posts that are too far apart.

And, I can echo Direwolf’s recommendation to hang somewhere other than the big campgrounds; better choice of trees (maybe), and better privacy and quiet. But that’s your call. There’s value to socializing, too.

Have fun!

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