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Reply To: 2023 Overnight Guesses

Cole Epley, January 26, 2023 at 12:45 pm

Pretty plugged into things happening in Council Bluffs and it doesn’t sound like it’s starting here again this year. Not saying it’s a certain ‘no’ but I would be pleasantly surprised if so.
I’ve spent months scouring city council minutes from towns on the western border and the ONLY mention of RAGBRAI in any of them I’ve been able to find is this gem from Sioux City’s Nov. 14 meeting:
(Sioux City CVB director Kristi) Franz stated a strategic plan will be presented to land RAGBRAI for its 50th year. She has worked closely with Iowa Tourism, ensuring Siouxland’s place in its overall plan.
I like the certainty of that statement coupled with the recent mention in the Storm Lake paper—not to mention Storm Lake’s assumed desire to bounce back from having to bail on its most recent appointment as an overnight.
Time will tell—can’t wait to know for sure!

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