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Reply To: How to better motivate “bandits” to register

LawnchairMan, February 3, 2023 at 3:49 pm

I think this thread is about encouraging all riders to pay and doing away with the cap. So, my question is; would you still be upset if everyone paid, but there were the same number of extra riders? The lines for food and potties would still be as long.
It sounds like you expect an amount of exclusivity. Putting a cap on the number of riders gives that implication. But what right does the Register have in doing this with public roads? In your theater analogy the promoter sold you seats that were not delivered. I would be upset with him rather than those who were just exercising their rights to public lands. In Las Vegas there are parks where we can reserve areas for private use for a fee. Until Ragbrai does that with our routes, there is no way to deny non-payers the use of the roads. I would prefer exclusivity too, but I no longer expect it.

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