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Reply To: Will they consider shutting down towns an hour or two later this year?

LawnchairMan, March 2, 2023 at 2:43 am

Portland Cyclist PDX,
Like Matt, I have been wondering how you can come to Ragbrai and not be prepared for the expected workout and weather conditions. I imagined that you were starting too late, pedaling too slowly, or dillydallying too much. My apologies for jumping to that conclusion. I don’t understand about taking time to cool off in AC. I’ve never done that and suspect I would be or feel hotter when I restart. I think the contrast would shock my system. But if it works for you, great.
Living in Las Vegas I get accustomed to both the dry air and the heat. As long as I have enough water to sweat, the breeze from pedaling my bike is usually enough to cool me. Still, Ragbrai 2012 heat was a challenge. My solution was to start earlier. 0430 hours for century day. Could you and your group get out before 0600? You could get more miles in before the heat of the day. You would be cooler and not worry about shutdown times. You could enjoy Direwolf’s night riding before the sun comes up and not worry about traffic. Just follow the red flashing lights. What ever you do, I hope the ISP will not be a problem for you this year.

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