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Matt, July 11, 2023 at 12:57 pm

This year there are 50% more entrants (~28,000) than the prior record setting year. One and a half times the max historical workload. There are 37 working days between registration close 15MAY and 07JUL. The math works out to ~755 registrations to process/bundle daily (~100/hr or 1-1/2 per minute) Yikes! I don’t know if packet processing starts before the non-refundable deadline of 01MAY or after the cutoff 15MAY, but it’s still a lot to handle. Traditionally the basic weekly registrations (tags only) ship first (unless part of a team). Registrations with swag, vehicle passes, non-riders, day passes, etc come next (unless part of a team). Club/team packages are completed last (perhaps because people still join teams up to the cutoff and the extra work to accurately fulfill?). Our club’s two huge boxes shipped yesterday 10JUL. Our club’s packet pickup is 21JUL (plenty of time). If you have a team listed on your enmotive account, try checking with your team leader. Your packet likely ships to them. From the latest blog(and email), I’ll assume that the last of the packages are boarding USPS vehicles this week.
-just Matt (not the director)

from the blog
Registration Packet Details
We are working quickly to get all registration packets fulfilled and shipped. If you haven’t received your packet yet, don’t panic. It is coming. We have just under 2,000 packets left to package and ship. All packages will have shipping labels on them by Friday, July 7 and will ship soon after.

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