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helenheart, July 3, 2011 at 8:48 pm

PapaMake your way to Glenwood High School and find the 2 semis, they will be very very easy to spot, these are the Rag Trucks – that will take your bags from town to town. From there – find a campspot (remember, this is sleeping in a tent, versus camping in idyllic, gorgeous conditions and surroundings- so don’t be too picky and take earpugs).With everything set up and your biking clothes ready for Sun morning – go wander around the expo, get a map for the week, read the brochures, wander around the stalls, listen to the music, eat some food and go to bed. Note where the porta potties are for night use (you will be calling them Kybos for this week in Iowa).You will be awoken at first light by the unzipping and dismantling of tents. You may as well get up – as it gets noisier as it gets lighter. Pack up, make sure you have all the right items in your bike bag (read previous threads on this forum) – put your gear on the truck and follow all the bikers.You don’t need a map – you don’t need to know where you are going (Atlantic) – just follow everyone else.Within 10 – 15 miles there will most likely be Farm Boys Burritos (as well as a plethora of other food and drink). Get in line (lines are part of Ragbrai – we all survive) and enjoy the company. The rest of the day will unfold with great ease and delight. Directions to the Rag Truck will be in abundance close to Atlantic
It is as easy as pie
Did I say pie ?
Eat pie – eat it often
See you on the road!
Take your time – you have all day and many newbies mourn that they didn’t stop and enjoy the journey first time around.
Helen xo

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