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Reply To: 1st Time RAGBRAI – a bit concerned

jwsknk, April 2, 2012 at 7:19 am

spinning slasses will help. Don’t think it’s an 80 mile day! try it’s 8 10 mile rides, I can do 10 mile rides. Even if I average 12 mph, with stops in towns, I can do it in 8 hours.
The Register figurs 10 mph for the town “closing “time, the time the Higheway patro; will come in and shut down the beer garden and when the bike shops close up, also the last time the sag wagons will be there. That will be published on the daily maps but figure a town 20 miles from the overnight closes at 4:00so plan on being out by then.
Get in some group rides, too many virgins train on their own or only ride with one or two others, whole different thing than woth 500 right in front of you and another 500 you can see behind you.Also, don’t stick to trails, most trails only will have a 2-3% grade do to the railroad requirements and now ADA limlis.
At some point during the week, you will probably have to ride in less than ideal conditions, too hot, cold or rainy. Don’t avoid those days in the next 3-4 months, use them now while clost to home to figure out what you will need in july.
and beware of Kurb dwellers form Kaintuckee

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