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Reply To: Advice for Virgins

Michael Knapp, April 16, 2012 at 7:24 am

This will be my 30th consecutive RAGBRAI. Bike lock not needed during the day. You can park your bike and come back an hour later and its still fine. Locking it at night is just being prudent in case of joy riding locals or a drunk who decides to ride instead of walk. The pack is thick during the early morning start hours but thins out during the day as people spread out over the route or party in the towns. Ride Right is always a good idea. Watch out for novice riders and draft lines. Ride defensively mid week when sleep deprivation begins to set in so a befuddled rider doesn’t suddenly turn in front of you to go back to the food booth you’ve just passed. Great fun. Great people. Great memories. I know bikers from all over the country that I only see once a year on RAGBRAI. Like going to your class reunion. Have fun and look for the Flamingos.

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