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Reply To: Any Beginner Training Advice

shawndev, March 2, 2012 at 10:48 am

If you’re sure you’re headed toward a roadie, do it sooner than later. The more used to it and comfortable you are with it, the better off you will be. I actually overheard a gal asking, “How do I work the shifter things?” last year. Yikes! Day One is not the time to figure that out. If you’re looking at your hands, you’re not watching the road. That is not good.

You will be in a radically-different posture and weight distribution than your other bike. You need time to get your neck and shoulders used to that posture. You need time to figure out everything without having to look for it. And, as you mentioned about your behind after an hour of spin, you will need to have that hiney on a real bike seat as much as possible. Spin bikes don’t move, real bikes do. It makes a difference.

Finally, my training advice is check with your Local Bike Shop and find some people or maybe a local club you can ride with. So much better than riding alone. It makes you safer to be with a group. It changes your whole energy. It makes you more accountable, thus more likely to train. And you also have built-in buddies to go grab a pizza and beer with when you’re done.

Have fun! RAGBRAI is a total blast!

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