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jwsknk, January 4, 2011 at 9:11 am

jjshoe said: How much stuff are you taking that you are worried about getting crushed? KittySlayer – My bicycle on a plane! Just made sense to me that I should be able to also pack my clothes for the week in that same box, and have it with me for the week. Not being able to bring a hard sided case makes me not want to fly from Minneaoplis to the start town after I do the warrior dash.

Thinking of flying from MSP to SUX or Omaha? Last Time I checked, 5+ years ago, airlines were really sticking it to cyclists for their rides. Have you checked cost/size & weight limits? May not get all clothes & things to fit. Airline or Amtrak, can’t remember which right now, won’t even allow it.
Don’t know the cost, but we have a rider from Arizona that ships her bike to one of the “Official” bike shops for the ride and claims it at the start town. She has them reassemble it too but that is probably optional. She takes it to them at the end of the ride and they pack and ship it home for her.

Dave from Overland used to organize a 2 day ride on the Cedar Valley Trail. Might be worth checking with him to see when and when they load out. He might know of someone in SE Minn. that is leaving later.

Out team mechanic comes out of the cities, Sunrise Cycles. He has been coming down after the Minn Habitat ride and getting in early Sunday morning. This year he plans on riding the whole week, might be coming down to Ames friday night since we leave here at 9:00 on Saturday morning. Jamie might know of someone else coming down too that’s leaving later.

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