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Reply To: Best (and worst) RAGBRAI experiences

TDLow, July 14, 2011 at 12:33 pm

n0az said: I Will get a murder mystery at the library; fascinated by the peoplewho row without seeing where they are going.  On first Karras loopmet a guy from Baltimore who rowed.  Turns out he was THE protagonist of a book his girlfriend had written  and I had just read!(He claimed he had never murdered anyone.) the girl who got her leg over the top tube to dismount withoutletting go of the drop bars. the guy who carried his bike over his head into the cornfield. Getting up Potter hill and realizing the pop at the bottomwas a broken spoke – and the rubbing brake was a large partof the effort. the guy pulling the FULL SIZE canoe across Iowa. the lady pulling the platform and a round picnic table withumbrella and four chairs. and BEST – this will be the TENTH full week bike tour with my son. Let me ask – What is harder?A tandem with no stoker?single-speed?self – contained?

My vote for most difficult is a 40 lb Stereo/Speaker/Cooler which team PBR has named the “Spooler”.  12 v battery weighing in at 15 lbs and the rest it all adds up to about 40 lbs.  Totally dead-weight but I love it and the sound is awesome!  Now, if we just didn’t have hills……

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