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Reply To: Bike Fit- Wear your Bike or it will wear you!

jjshoe, February 12, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Tony said: Shoe just curious. What bikes do you ride? Are you afiliated with Running Away Multisports or Guru? If so how much does a fitting cost? My cost was time spent doing research and about 10 bucks worth of tools. Available at any hardware store. I did forget to include a torpedo level in the above post. I have a binder for each of my bikes. All the measurements are recorded on a chart. If something doesn’t feel right on the bike. I break out the tape measure. Most of the time the saddle has moved a bit. Usually the seat post has slipped. I just move it back to the measurement and lock it down. No biggie.

I am not affiliated with either. You paid $10 more then I did, my fit was included for free into the cost of my bicycle. Professional fitting for free, or rinky dink bob’s fitting for $10? I’ll take professional and free.

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