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Reply To: Bike Fit- Wear your Bike or it will wear you!

mclousing, February 11, 2011 at 10:00 pm

I would have to agree that a good bike fitting is the best purchase, if it doesn’t come free with your bike.  When I had my first one my knee pain dimensioned my arm numbness was almos eliminated, no more back pain, and an average speed increase of 5 minutes on my 20 mile commute.  the part that most people do not get correctly is the proper seat position.  And another thing to note (I only learned this after seeing quite a few fittings) some people just don’t have their knees line up according to plans and other adjustments need to be addressed.

One thing that I also found was helpful was that doublewrapping my bars made the bike much more comfortable.  My hands just did not grip the bars very well.

You can attempt to do your own fitting but like jjshoe said you run the risk of damaging your joints, and this could end up being serious damage not just soreness.

As for cleat adjustment, that one really requires someone who has done a lot of them to get it right for adjusting on themselves. 

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