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Reply To: Bike Fit- Wear your Bike or it will wear you!

“Bicycle Bill”, February 12, 2011 at 2:20 pm

jjshoe said: True, it’s not like you only get one set of knees, or one back. Ankles, Sears has a deal on ankles right now. Go a head and take a stab at that bike fit before spending a week on a bicycle. It’s not like getting it wrong could do more damage…… oh wait. it can.

A valid observation, jj, but more people probably blow out their knees by pushing too high a gear for conditions rather than from bad bike fit anyway.

Being out of fit by an inch or more?  Definitely a problem, and should be corrected ASAP.
Out of fit by perhaps a millimeter?  For anyone posting about bike fit on this board (or coming here looking for advice on bike fit), that would be too small a difference to notice.  The thickness of the chamois pad in your riding shorts would have more effect on your bike fit than that.

Having your bike fit you correctly is a good idea — you wouldn’t wear pants you couldn’t button up or shoes that are two sizes too large, right? — but there comes a point at which one can become obsessed about it.  It’s like the weight-weenies who will swap out their regular spoke nipples for titanium ones to save 10 grams of rotational weight.


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