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Reply To: blown spoke!

RussG, July 20, 2011 at 1:06 am

I think Csprint’s comments highlight the focus on the potential issue here.  even if the original wheel was not dished correctly, the shop at issue checked the tension of the spokes and the truing before releasing it to you. it’s unusual for a spoke on the front wheel to break during a ride of the kind you described.  that suggests that the changes in tension done by the shop at issue “might” have contributed to or been the cause of the spoke breaking.  Even if it wasn’t, the charges for the tire replacement when combined with the spoke replacement suggests that the shop at issue is gouging the customer.   

spokes do blow out and we all deal with it but shops generally approach their customers better, particularly after doing the full bike tune up including wheel inspection, spoke tension and truing just prior to a spoke (front wheel spoke) break.  this is not the kind of press that a local bike shops needs or wants.

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