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Reply To: Concerned on lack of training progress….In need of pep talk

SSC1, June 1, 2012 at 9:58 am

sam: What are you talking about?

Amanda – thanks!

Sam – don’t worry about it – he didn’t read carefully enough to see you were using wry humor to poke fun at having dropped in to a lower category. Knee jerk reaction without full understanding. Happens a lot to people who are sometimes on the insecure side.

I love the fact it is NOT a race. I average about 14-15 mph on Ragbrai (at least I did last year). When the animals come zipping by in a line at 22-25, even up the hill (!!!) it is sometimes a bit depressing. Still – it’s a great feeling to finish the day before 2 PM – or sooner – and that’s with a stop in each town to enjoy all the offerings.

I was serious about the swimming though. I may be overweight, but I still swim nearly every day – usually 1500-3000 yards (I was a competitive swimmer in high school and in the Masters following college). The triatheletes who work out at my club are mostly runners/bikers learning to become better swimmers. I have great fun pacing them – and it’s nice to be included in their discussions. Sadly – they kick my ass at the other two areas!!!

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