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Reply To: Crashes and Safety

KittySlayer, July 12, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Smooth and Predictable

Apply this concept to all riding situations.

Smooth means riding in a straight line at a consistent pace. No swerving around to pass or suddenly changing your line of travel. No sudden braking. If you need to pass first look to see that it is clear behind you and that you have enough time to complete your pass based on others who may be coming up behind you.

Predictable means if you are going to be doing something other than riding in a straight line at a steady pace to let others know. Hand signals (pointing) and verbal cues too. Just because you indicate you are changing your lane of travel you still need to check that it is clear.

If you are a fast rider you may need to slow down every once in a while. If you are a slow rider stay to the right, don’t leave enough room for someone to pass you on the right, but don’t be weaving in an out either. Also if you are a fast rider always leave a little extra room on your left because there will be someone faster than you coming along.

Race training – find a racer in your local area and ask them to take you out for some bumping drills. Learn the skills that racers use to avoid asphalt surfing so that you can enjoy touring in a crowd. Just because another rider touchs you does not mean you have to crash, learn how to stay safe. Practice some bumping drills and learn how it feels when another rider leans into you. Practice some wheel rubs and learn to turn into the rear wheel of another rider if someone hooks your front wheel. Learn to bunny hop road hazards. When riding in a crowded situation keep your hands on your drops, this lowers your center of gravity and protects your bars from other riders.

If you find yourself in a paceline be aware of those in front of you as well as those behind you. Always think about how you will escape if there is a crash in front of you. Don’t do anything to cause a crash behind you. If the paceline is really long either stay near the front or leave and form a smaller, safer paceline. If you are tired or riding at your maximum effort leave that paceline, it is too fast for you and you wont be thinking clearly and may make a mistake.

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