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Reply To: Crashes and Safety

Houdini, July 13, 2011 at 7:33 am

<FONT face=Calibri>I was riding in a group of 30+ riders, not a pace line but two abreast on the right side of the road.  A faster double line of riders was passing safely on the left.  A fifth line of riders “split the sheets” between me and the lines on my left.  As their leader came through and her handlebars came within a fraction of an inch of my pumping left thigh, I said “please don’t pass me like that” in a scared-exasperated tone.</FONT>

<FONT face=Calibri>She ended up riding by me again later and asked how she should pass when there is no room to the left and gap in the middle.  The answer: it’s a big group with lots of beginner cyclists, sometimes it’s just not safe to pass and you need to SLOW DOWN AND WAIT.  FAST, STRONG, EXPERIENCED cyclists should YEILD to BEGINNERS on RAGBRAI.   </FONT>

<FONT face=Calibri>Don’t expect everyone to know how to hold their line, or smoothly transition from flats to hills, or know their place in the peloton.  If you want to hammer unimpeded, go on a club-racer ride.  On RAGBRAI be kind, understanding, welcoming, and YEILD to slow cyclists with imperfect technique.</FONT>

<FONT face=Calibri>Slower riders obviously need to ride right but you are NOT ENTITLED to ride at 30+ mph. </FONT>

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