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Reply To: DAY 0 – Sat ride to the river…???

knees36, April 23, 2012 at 12:10 am

You’re welcome B-man. And thanks for the info Merk. I’m wondering if gravel trucks would be operating on the road on Saturday(s)? Maybe not? Also, I’m thinking that the RAG committee of Sioux Center might assign a person(s) to contact the folks in Hudson and work out a plan to alert would-be motorists about the potential heavy bicycle traffic along CR#B40 and #K22 to Hudson and #K18 to Oak Grove Park for tire dipping rites (signage for about a week prior to Saturday, the 21st?) and also maybe do some coordinating with the Buckaroo (a little party in Hudson?)for Saturday, July 21? Whad’d’ya think regarding that? That might be a good project for the Sioux Center Ride Right Coordinator. Cheers. 8)

P.S.~~~The RAGBRAI folks may not be too supportive of something going on in Hudson for cyclists (insurance/liability questions) since it would be in South Dakota instead of Iowa. Just a thought. 8-O

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