Reply To: Day 6, Grinnell to Coralville

Michrider !!!, February 11, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Zinger said: What really makes RAGBRAI special is that it is what you make of it. This will be my 9th year, so I’m still a relative newbie compared to some. Every year I’ve ridden has been different and some more enjoyable than others. Less enjoyable was the year I rode with a bad case of poison ivy!! But it’s a week out of the year that I can let my hair down a bit, dance during the day, drink beer on curbs, and socialize with a great group of people. Plus the riding’s not bad either!!

Zinger, I agree with you.  This will be my 7th RAGBRAI and 6th in a row.  I love Iowa (I live there one week each year)!  I don’t expect RAGBRAI to be the same now as it was 39 years ago.  It changes, as all things do!  I try to go with the flow, enjoy the ride and don’t  overanalyze it!!!  I’ll see you on an Iowa curb in July!!!

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