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Reply To: Day 6, Grinnell to Coralville

paednoch2, February 9, 2011 at 11:06 am

mikeyia said: Mapping out a route I came up with 77 miles.  Pretty close.  Going to Brooklyn(city of flags), Victor, south and east to Williamsburg, south to Parnell, east on Black Diamond Rd to Windam home of the Black Diamond Roadhouse, then north up Coscrove Rd Hill.  Those who rode in 2006 will quickly remember that hill before coming to Coscrove and those who didn’t will soon discover it.   Then its east on F-46 to Camp Cardinal Blv just past 218.  North on there till Coralville then on 9th st making the way to St. Morrison Park.  And please try and leave the gazebo there intact this year.
a 25 year vet here I can pretty much guarntee your route is wrong. We will be heading s 146 to searsboro, then down the diamond trail through montezuma. then straight across to parnell, then 149 to williams burg, then the IWV  Cf 46 into camp cardinal. The last time It went from Grinnell to Coralville thats the route we took. I am almost certain that will be the route.

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