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Reply To: Dill Pickle Juice used like Gatorade?

Michrider !!!, May 7, 2012 at 11:48 am

iceman: Prevents maybe– I actually like the taste and it’s better over ice.PBV started keeping the juice in 2010 because I kept asking for it every day (they thought I was crazy) so I guess they did it again in 2011.Wasn’t my idea.PBV has had the pickles themselves for sale as long as I used PBV for an outfitter and the juice business was nothing new.NFL teams have used pickle juice for quite some time in addition to sports drinks and I can remember more that fifteen years ago getting them at the Hotter N Hell ride (Wichita Falls, Texas in August – and it is hotter n hell!).

Anyway, one of the prestigous medical journals in New England came out with a study several years ago.They did an extensive study and there is something about the vinegar (or maybe the mix of vinegar and salt, etc.) that stimulates the lining of the stomach which, in turn, sort of “turns off” the cramps in your body and that happens long before the sodium in the pickle juice does its predictable prevention by entering into your system.

Iceman, in July, I’ll meet you at the PBV Pickle juice jar!! H.E.LL I’ll even buy!!!!

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