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TDLow, July 14, 2011 at 12:38 pm

imabeliever said: HI !!Someone with more experience should answer but I think the wristband gets you into the Bud Tent entertainment free but Altoona is going to be a bigger concert so riders will most likely have to pay at a discounted rate. I remember paying a lesser amount to get into the Styx concert a few years ago in Ames.I was thinking of laying low that night, when a community invites the entire DSM Metro area to something you get a lot of townies with a lot of energy & a lot of crap can get started. I think RAGBRAI’ers take a lot of blame for destruction that really is caused by locals or drive-in people.. Anyway,  I haven’t looked into my packet yet, perhaps info in there on your discount ? Otherwise I know you go to the Register trailer each evening to get a paper for the upcoming overnight town to tell you everything going on for planning purposes. *someone correct me if I am wrong here.

I don’t remember paying any out of pocket for the STYX concert in Ames.  I thought our rider wrist bands got us in.  I do remember paying out of pocket for all the adult beverages I drank!  Wall to wall people and it was so cool!  They was a great set up in the parking lot.  You had to walk a ways for a beer or the bathroom.  If I would have known Mitchrider then, I could have stopped on the curb with him for a few!

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