Registration for Great Iowa Fall Ride Open!

Reply To: email the Sioux Center Chamber of Commerce

Iceman, May 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm

kicks9: Im sure it would be a challenge for any city to figure out how to get bikes on the shuttles as well as people.Kicks9

Who said anything about taking your entire bike? Just take a wheel? Come on guys – get creative! Dipping one wheel is better than running your entire bike through a kiddie pool full of river water.

Sell beer at the embarkation point. Make more money!

I sent the Chamber an email and told them they are missing an opportunity to make big bucks. Out of 15,000 riders, I’d bet at least 1500 of them would pay $10 bucks for a round trip ride to Hudson, SD to dip their tire in the Big Sioux. If 40 people can ride in a school bus, that’s only 38 (full) bus roundtrips that would net the school system $15,000 before expenses. Maybe more than 1500 would do it – who knows? What have they got to lose? They own the busses anyway.

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