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Browner, February 3, 2012 at 10:07 am

I just went through this last summer.  I recommend a talk to your eye doctor about options.  Perscription sunglasses can be had but are expensive.  If your perscription is not too heavy, you can get perscription Rec Specs, Oakleys or Gargoyles, along with many other brands.

Try contacts and then the sunglass options are endless.  I have a heavy perscription and astigmatism to the point where I need Toric contacts.  They are the most expensive type of contact there is.  20 years ago when I checked into contacts, toric lenses where $300 a pair!  So I stuck with my glasses.  Last year when I talked to my eye doctor about needing something for a water park to be able to see, he recommended contacts.  They now make disposable daily wear Toric contacts that cost $1 each.  Still expensive at $2 a day, but when I only wear contacts a few times a year, I think it is worth it.  No more sweat running down my glasses, No lenses to clean, many options for sunglasses, etc.

Give it a try.  My eye doctor gave me a 5 pack sample for free to see if I would like them.  I love them!  I still wear my glasses most of the time.  After 40 years, glasses are part of my daily ritual.

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