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Csprint, January 31, 2012 at 2:58 am

rkhawkeye said:

 This year the route goes straight through my home town (Cedar Rapids) and I’m wanting to ride it.

What’s a good training program? I saw one for 2011 that was a 15 week training program. Is that one a really good one for someone who hasn’t been on a bike in several years?
I’m trying to get some friends to ride with, how hard is it for a newbie to put together a team? 
What’s a good road bike to get? I’m looking for something in the 200-400 dollar range.

Hi rk, I also grew up Cedar Rapids (Robins); where in CR did you grow up?

As far as training, any riding that gets you out two or three times a week and has a build up in mileage is good. Start with short, slow then longer,slow distance rides. Some intensity later (higher speeds, higher gears) to be able to make it up the next hill.  (Hawkeye Bicycle Association, Wednesday Rides ) BikeIowa Ride Calendar

I can’t speak to a team, since I’ve done Ragbrai by myself and just gotten on with one of the charters each time.

The problematical part is the bike.  You can’t find a new road bike (at least a good quality one that will fit you properly) for less than about $700.  But a used one can be had for less, but it HAS to fit correctly or it’s not a good deal.  To find that out look here or by all means go to a good bike shop for a fitting.

I wouldn’t take a mountain bike on Ragbrai. Others do, but it’s like
driving your off road 4 wheel drive Jeep down the Interstate, noisy,
tiring and slow.

Whatever you do get, the ride (Ragbrai) itself will be a blast!

Cheers and hope you get on the Ride!

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