RAGBRAI LI Route Announced on Jan. 27!

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Michrider !!!, January 27, 2011 at 6:37 am

OhioCyclone said: Hello Everyone! I wil also be a first time rider this year. I find all of the discussions helpful and hilarious. The mood on this forum makes me want it to be July already. As you can tell I am a cyclone, so I am not new to Iowa, and I have had several friends do the ride in the past. I am , however new to the sport of riding. My only graduation present was a Surly LHT, more or less so I could participate in ragbrai. I am however nervous of being ready for the ride. Any tips would be helpful. I already fall into the clydesdale region at 6’4″ and 280…I plan to be in better shape by July. 

I also have terrible knees. Do any of you have any tips as how to riding in the thought of it being easiest on my knees…i know this is like asking how to walk without feet, but I have heard that clipless pedal systems are better for your knees. 
Cheers from Ohio!

Cyclone, as Davy said get used to spinning in lower gears.  Trying to grind up hills will make your knees hurt even more.  With your LHT you’ve got plenty of lower gears that should be able to get you up those hills in Southern Iowa.  Where are you in Ohio?  I live just accross the river in Kentucky.  I know Ohio has plenty of hills to get you ready for RAGBRAI!  I’ll see you in Iowa!

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