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Reply To: G'night

knees36, February 9, 2011 at 11:43 am

“Bicycle Bill” said:

knees36 said:

helenheart said: Knees – Please tell me you bought a lottery ticket???? xo

Now, HH, keeping my wallet under the BRR ride circumstances would very likely be the end of any luck  I could claim!!!  It would still be as empty as ever if  I played the lottery…probably even more empty!!!  Hmmm…but it  is a thought…what really is the extent of my luck??? 

There’s a story about the guy who, every night without fail, prayed and prayed that he would win the lottery …. and every time, he was disappointed.  But he kept up his faith and continued to pray. Finally, one day, his pleas were answered.  He had just finished his prayers when lightning flashed, thunder rolled, and he heard a deep, sonorous voice addressing him:  “I have been willing to answer your prayers, but I can’t do anything if you don’t at least meet me partway.  You gotta go out and buy a ticket!!”-“BB”-

Ya’ think?  Maybe there’s something to that after all.

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