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Reply To: Going Off Route

knees36, March 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm

Iowa’s most laid out on a 1 mile grid ( a section, anyway that gets into ag talk) course not nearly all are pave. when the roads are not straight that usually means hills, following a river valley or ridge or crossing over them. When you look at the map and the grids not there you know why. and don’t worry about getting lost, there is always someone going the same way.

Yep, crooked roads in Iowa usually means hilly roads or following a river bank, BUT beware, a straight road doesn’t always mean flat terrain, especially in southwsstern Iowa. I driven and ridden (a bicycle) over such roads like County Roads E16 from Mapleton to Breda, #F24 through Irwin, #M47 again through Irwin, #M66 from Manning south to Kimballton and many other roads like these in Harrison, Audubon, Shelby, Crawford, and other counties in this part of Iowa. Not exactly like Potter’s Hill, but still nasty/exhilirating hills. The fastest downhill I’ve ridden anywhere in the USA is in my old home county, Harrison, at 50+ mph on #F32, in the heart of the Loess Hills. 8-O

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