Reply To: Going to get Sandals tomorrow

OhioCyclone, May 27, 2012 at 11:18 pm

Awesome!!! Just make sure that pay mind to the width sir :-o I have/had a pair of commuters and they felt fine in store and on the first ride or two. However, once the “broke in” a bit…my wide feet were non-too comfortable, and pinky toe actually popped out the side of the sandal. After reading more reviews it seems this is the general consensus…that the shoes do run a tad narrow….or my feet and the feet of the rest of the reviewers Ive read are too wide :-P I will be switching to arroyo, since it seems despite my best efforts I cannot get the commuters to cooperate.

I am by no means trying to talk you out of a purchase though. FOr those people without these cursed wide feet…lol… the unanimous consensus is an adoring love for the commuters. I am just bringing up the fact the wide feet and commuters dont seem to agree. I know the arroyo’s reviews mention an increased width.

Best Regards from Ohio

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