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Reply To: How do you carry your money?

Just Krusin, February 2, 2012 at 6:24 pm

I have several  kinda bike wallets, 3″x4″ zippered pouch with a key ring inside.  1st ones I got was from my bike club quite a few years ago.  Since then I’ve picked up a few more here and there.  What’s nice about them is you can carry drivers license, credit card and a few more pieces of paper and still have room for $.  and they fit nicely in a ziplock in a jersey pocket.  When riding locally I carry copies of my license and insurance cards which I reduced and laminated. Oh, I can also carry my small key ring in it, house and car keys.  Tony, years ago on RAGBRAI some company gave away waterproof holders like what you use, probably not as good though.  And yes I have $ hidden in several places while on RAGBRAI, so well hidden that one year while getting all my stuff ready again I found some $ left over from the year before.

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