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Reply To: How fast?

jwsknk, March 29, 2012 at 6:50 am

Like billdana, I don’t let it fly unless I can see the bottom, often a bridge down there, sometimes a road or railroad crossing. The road into Stone City, off the route this year, is a “T” intersection at the very bottom of a good sized hill, that’s the only one in 30 years where I have seen them pit out bales. There will be a few where you can get into the 30’s maybe 40’s, (maybe before Lehigh and Brushy Creek for 2 that I know, and 2 others on the century loop) dependes on the other traffic around. Watch the center cracks esp. on the downhills, easy to get trapped in a lane because sometimes that joint looks just to big to cross. And you can be pretty sure a ‘bent or tandem will by coming down faster on your left.

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