Reply To: How much will the crowds effect my average speed?

Jboz, May 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Folks – please read my OP. I’m NOT a speed freak. I’m NOT trying to finish Ragbrai as quickly as possible. I’m well aware that it’s a ride, not a race. In fact, if it were a race I wouldn’t come within 200 miles of Ragbrai. I have no desire to arrive at the overnight towns at noon. I’m looking forward to the entire experience – the pass through towns with church ladies, the pie, naked beer slides, the kurbs – all of it.

When I asked how the crowds will effect my average speed, I’m not the least bit concerned about being slowed down. In fact, I’m expecting – no make that HOPING to be slowed down. I’m only trying to noodle through in my mind the following equation:

On Day ____, If I leave at ____ AM, smell plenty of roses, scarf some pie, share a kurb and a cold one with Michrider :), ride along at my “go all day” pace but accounting for some bottlenecks, I think I will roll into the overnight town at about _____ PM.

My reason for trying to figure this out is only out of curiosity because this will be my first Ragbrai and I find myself thinking about it all the time.

Thanks all for your words of wisdom. I’m not concerned about speed at all. This is going to be a hoot!

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