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knees36, July 2, 2011 at 9:46 pm

statrixbob said: I’m about 30 miles short of 1500 miles since April 10 when I started keeping track. I’ll probably only get in another 300 or so before I get on the plane to fly to the mainland. 

I plan on riding at least 60 tomorrow and the same on Monday. Next weekend there’s an organized memorial ride on both Saturday and Sunday. but I’ll have to miss the Saturday portion (which is a shame because it going around a part of the island I haven’t ridden  – Kaena Point). The Sunday bit is mostly my regular distance ride (Honolulu to Haleiwa) of about 75 miles. 

I do ride daily, but sometimes it’s just a few miles.

I’m feeling pretty confident that if I don’t push it I’ll be okay when I get to Iowa. I could be miserably wrong of course. :-)


You’re going to be just fine…maybe the hills will be a bit different in Iowa, but I’d wager you’ll adjust to those pesky things without  any trouble at all.  Have a fun ride.  Do you know a Fred Cachola from Ewa Beach, by chance?  We were roomies at Graceland College.  He was a principal at the all-Hawaiian school, that is, if  I have my facts straight on that.  Aloha.

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