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Reply To: Ireland cyclists now must wear helmets..

kennymadsen, February 3, 2011 at 4:24 am

There is no doubt in my mind that wearing a helmet is safer than not.  I however don’t wear one.  Maybe I have been lucky but I am thinking I am using my free choice while there still is one.  I once lived on the border of Iowa for near 50 years and followed the motorcyclist organization lobby to have a choice in helmets.  Good for them for fighting for choice. 

Automobiles.  Race car drivers wear them why doesn’t the public?  Soon I am sure there will be a movement to force this.  Hopefully though when I am gone.  I expect to get slammed for my opinion but I guess that tells me something about people that preach freedom, democracy, etc… except when it counters their opinion.

Let me repeat.  I have no doubt helmets make you safer.  So do full length pants.  So do elbow guards and knee guards.  So do leather coats and goggles.  Why don’t we get on the band wagon for these safety items also?…

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