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Reply To: Is it too late for charters?

dennis the bald, March 17, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Perhaps you’re looking for a club to sign up with, get your bracelet and the “charter” in a one stop shopping? Our club has room for more people, and I think there are a couple days left to sign up.

That said we are not at all a charter, we charter a bus from downtown Des Moines
to the start and home from the end. We rent a truck and hire a driver to carry luggage every day (and the bikes on the two saturdays). But nobody in our little group is gonna want to set up your tent for you, well maybe – I mean ya never know how things might turn out. We don’t meet in the halfway towns.

But if you wanna ride the whole way, set up your own tent, and split the cost for the bus you can probably sign up with our club. PM me and I’ll get you into with Nancy, the club president, if your interested.

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