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Reply To: looking for a cycle computer

SSC1, February 27, 2012 at 1:54 pm

“Old school Edge 305″ what a hoot!!! The Edge series hasn’t even been around for 10 years. Old school would be the mechanical counter bolted to the front axle. I really don’t see a need for GPS on a bike. I know where I’m riding. Do you? How hard is it to find the next town? You can’t read all the signs or follow several thousand cyclist? My 30 buck CatEye does 90% of what a 600 buck edge does.

No – I don’t always know where I’m riding. I’m looking at the 800 for the bike in general – not for Ragbrai specifically. I used a Flight Deck on my bike last year – and it was just fine – even told me what gear I was in (which is helpful on a Triple by the way). But having a GPS on a bike is especially helpful for finding places in towns that are unfamiliar.

I disagree about the 90% statement – 60% of what a Garmin does is GPS – and I’m pretty sure the $30 Cat Eye doesn’t do GPS…….maybe I’m wrong.

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