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mootsman, November 13, 2013 at 7:11 am

PBV is a nice option. They even have a flush-toilet trailer instead of Kybos. If you are looking for a traditional team experience though there are a few differences being with a team. As with most charters PBV is a very large group.

Teams I have been on charge a lot less then a charter. Rates are usually in the $220-$300 dollar range. Also teams are much smaller groups then charters. Both teams and charters no doubt are a ready source for new friends to ride with. My perception though is you make friends faster on a team because of its smaller size.

I would not look just at teams from Indiana. Teams that stage in Iowa work well as there is usually free parking in the staging location if you drive from Indiana. Also most teams do not need your bike partially disassembled and packed up in a box. Charters probably are logistically easier if you plan on flying. Although either work no matter how you get there.

Teams vary in culture also. Some hang together (both riding and socially) with a loosely scripted plan for the week and other teams only arrange camping and logistics. Avoid teams that require you to make a 2nd earlier trip to Iowa to work on their bus.

Later in spring you will find more teams on this forum looking to fill some spots so if you don’t find one right away, just wait, you will.

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