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Reply To: Looks like Armstrong is riding RAGBRAI again

toadhead, July 8, 2011 at 10:20 pm

toadhead said:

pHIlo said:

toadhead said:

cyduke said:

toadhead said: I hope I see Lance out there….  And I hope that he notices that I am riding a LeMond!!!!  (And hopefully I will have either a La Vie Claire or “Z” jersey by then, Seriously? someone else besides me has a La Vie Claire Jersey let alone knows what La Vie Claire is-was?.   The best all-time Tour team ever. I have four or five different variations of the LVC jeresy.  I even  have one used in the 1986 Tour. 

I found a company that sells reproduction jerseys.  They have race fit up to XXL.  I wear club fit XXLs.  The owner suggested I try the race fit and return it if it was too small.  They sent me a Renault by mistake (right size and it was too small).  I found a company overseas that also had them, but they were out of stock.  They just got more in, so I need to get it on order.  But I really want the “Z” and LeMond Racing Cycles one!!!!

TH: where do you order from?


On our ride today, at the lunch stop (a place that usually has lots of cyclists) I saw a woman in La Vie Claire jersey.  I commented about it and she said it was her husbands jersey.  But she did know what it was from and who Greg LeMOnd was.  I was going to ask her if I could take her picture to post it here for you, but I thought her husband might not like that.


The one I am sending back because it was the wrong one and too small came from


They have been really goon on the customer service end, even sending me a UPS call tag so I don’t have to pay to ship it back!!!!

The one I am going to order is coming from


OOPS….  Velo Jerseys has been really GOOD on the customer service….  Prendas gave me run around on size….  Velo Jerseys has some XXXL’s coming in next week and they are shipping me one next day so I’ll have it in time….  And they are doing the shipping as a no charge!!!!  (I wish Garmin had that good of customer service!!!!)  And Velo Jersey’s is coming out with a “Z” soon, but not soon enough for RAGBRAI….

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