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Reply To: Looks like Armstrong is riding RAGBRAI again

toadhead, July 2, 2011 at 9:40 pm

cyduke said:

toadhead said: I hope I see Lance out there….  And I hope that he notices that I am riding a LeMond!!!!  (And hopefully I will have either a La Vie Claire or “Z” jersey by then,

Seriously? someone else besides me has a La Vie Claire Jersey let alone knows what La Vie Claire is-was?.  

The best all-time Tour team ever. I have four or five different variations of the LVC jeresy.  I even  have one used in the 1986 Tour. 

I found a company that sells reproduction jerseys.  They have race fit up to XXL.  I wear club fit XXLs.  The owner suggested I try the race fit and return it if it was too small.  They sent me a Renault by mistake (right size and it was too small).  I found a company overseas that also had them, but they were out of stock.  They just got more in, so I need to get it on order.  But I really want the “Z” and LeMond Racing Cycles one!!!!

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