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Reply To: Loss Of Strength In Hand

mclousing, December 28, 2010 at 12:57 pm

This is somewhat on topic so I will throw it out there.  I have the same issues with numbness and how to mitigate it.  One thing that I found is relevant for resolving the issue was that I learned if the numbness starts on the thumb or index finger it is most likely your carpel tunnel nerve being pinched in your wrist.  If it is on any of the other fingers it is from your ulna nerve being pinched in your elbow.  I have had serious issues with numbness to the point I could use it as a timer (without fail 15 minutes after I started riding my pinky would go numb).  I could not figure it out for years, I always thought it was my wrist or my gloves pinching my wrist awkwardly.  After I had a proper bike fitting where I explained my issue the numbness has almost completely gone away.

Just a pearl of wisdom that helped me.

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