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Reply To: michrider wants NAME MY BIKE CONTEST!!!!

“Bicycle Bill”, February 22, 2011 at 7:22 am

knotbury said: OK a couple of thoughts. The first is the most convoluted, the second comes a close second. You mention the title of Duchess in your thread. The ‘Duke’ – John Wayne was born in Iowa (Winfield I Think – also a possible name!) but you already refer to the bike as ‘she’ so how about ‘MARION’ John Wayne’s given name which must indicate that his parents were Johnny Cash fans but just did not like the name Sue.

My second, and more favoured thought relates to the Napoleon theme. I understand the he was fond of a young lady called ‘Josephine’. Now there is an attractive name.

A few things, knotbury.  John Wayne’s boyhood home is in Winterset, Iowa, which is also the seat of Madison County (site of all the covered bridges which were the subject of some book or another).   The song “A Boy Named Sue” was written by author/poet/artist/all-around Renaissance man Shel Silverstein and recorded by Johnny Cash in 1969 — about sixty years after Marion R. Morrison a/k/a John Wayne was born…….  The accepted story is that Silverstein based the premise — a man with a girl’s name — after a friend and fellow writer Jean Shepherd (who wrote the stories that later became the movie “A Christmas Story”) and the taunting he took as a child for his feminine-sounding name.

As a side note, Bob Hope was originally born Leslie Townes Hope; and we are all familiar with Leslie Nielsen.

Moral of the story:  if you are a male and were given a girl’s name, go into show business.


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